I am an Arts Integration Specialist at Aptos Middle School, a public school in San Francisco, for the Jerry Rosenstein Arts Program with the San Francisco Opera. Last week, I got an email stating that our program would be suspended for two weeks due to precautions related to COVID-19. 
That sucked! It sucked even more so because we are in the middle of an art project that is responding to Aptos Middle School recently being in the local news. We are literally creating time-specific art. ARGH! What's a teaching artist to do?
Well... Luckily, I'm also the Senior Producer for the Alliance Youth Media Network, and over the last four years I've been honing my skill set in virtual, intergenerational co-creation. So I was able to pivot into a different instructional pedagogy seamlessly, and we're able to keep the project moving forward. 
And...the context has changed yet again. On Friday, San Francisco Unified School District announced it would be closed for three weeks. Now, I'm modifying the project one more time to adapt to a completely digital project. I'll share an update next week about how this has shifted instruction and the project. 
Check out the video above to get a better sense of my modifications. And tune in to the video below to watch my instructional video I had Ms Becker share with her class. Finally, I've included the zines I shared in the video. If you want to take and modify them be my guest! Please just remember to cite where you got it. 
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